Record Entry at Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers’ Conference & Honey Show

The INIB Annual Conference and Honey Show took place recently at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, and this year the honey show attracted a record entry of 286 exhibits. Several new classes were introduced this year and the visiting judges Arthur “Brutz” English from USA and Peter Lewis from Yorkshire were kept busy along with local judges Tom Canning, Leo McGuinness, Cecil McMullan and Michael Young MBE.

Overall Best in Show was won by Wendy Johnston from Roe Valley Beekeepers with a magnificent display of beekeeping products, Supreme run honey was won by Albert Hamilton from Belfast Beekeepers, and maximum points was won by Christina Bradley from Dromore Beekeepers.

During the judging the delegates were treated to a set of terrific lectures from Keith Delaplane from the University of Georgia, who talked about the honey bee superorganism and how it explains everything, and also what bees in nature can teach us. The other quest lecturer was Ken Basterfield who explained how he reads the bees in his colonies, and the tools that he had made or adapted to make beekeeping easier. Also Michael Young spoke about the GIFT of beekeeping in Kenya and the truth about the Africian bee.

Full list of honey show  prize winner as follows.

6 Jars Honey for sale- Mark Wallace (Strabane ), 2 Jars Light Honey –  David McIntyre (Limavady)   2 Jars Medium Honey – Albert Hamilton (Belfast) 2 Jars Dark Honey – Walter McNeill (Antrim) 2 Jars Crystalised Honey – Joe Bingham (Newcastle) 2 Jars Crushed Honey – Mark Wallace, Honey for tasting- Walter McNeill,  Novice- Robert & Martin Magill (Larne) Sections –Mark Wallace, Cut comb – Mark Wallace, Frame for extraction – John Hill (Crumlin), Rolled Candles – Albert Hamilton, Floating candles – Christina Bradley (Portadown),  Moulded candles with mould – Hugh Holmes (Ballinderry )Beeswax model – Christina Bradley, Wax Flowers – Brenda Monaghan (Cookstown),  6 Blocks beeswax- David McCartney (Lisburn), Honey Cake – Albert Hamilton, Honey Cake own recipe- Janette Gibson (Coagh ), Honey biscuits – Jen Simpson (Londonderry), honey tray bakes – Jen Simpson, honey sweets – Brenda Monaghan, honey marmalade – Jen Simpson, honey lemon curd – Mary Monaghan (Cookstown), dry mead – Tom Canning (Armagh), sweet mead- David McCartney, melomel –Gail Orr (Hillsborough),beekeeping artistry – Brenda Monaghan, display – Jaclyn Wortley ( Portadown),photograph – Wendy Johnston (Ballymoney), honey jar label – Christina Bradley, invention – Christina Bradley, chef’s table – Brenda Monaghan, honey decorative display – Wendy Johnston, floral display – Janette Gibson.

Supreme run honey – Albert Hamilton, Maximum points- Christina Bradley, Best in Show – Wendy Johnston.