To survive, let’s help bees thrive

Bees are a key link in our food chain, visiting and pollinating more than 90% of global food crops and providing us with 2 out of every 3 mouthfuls of food we eat.

Bees are in trouble

All across the world, we are seeing dramatic declines in population, diversity and resilience. And it’s not just bees, other pollinators – from butterflies to bats – are under threat.

We are the problem. We can find the solutions.

Human activities are placing bee populations under increasing pressure. To change that, we first need to learn more about bee populations.

One World – one Map

That’s why we are launching the Global Pollinator Map and creating a database of bees and pollinators around the world. It’s an ambitious global effort and we need your help to build it. Sign up here to find out how.

Help us count

It’s easy. Download the app to your smartphone, and start uploading images. Share with friends and family and see how many data points you can add to the Global Pollinator Map before it goes live on World Bee Day.

Bees need us – we need Bees. Click here
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