Honey Bee Pests and Diseases


The main problems that bees face are Diseases and pests, chemicals and loss of habitat.

Insecticides and pesticides affect bees and they need to be protected from these to stop any serious damage to your bees, for example, by liaising with farmers to find out when they are spraying crops so that you can coordinate this with keeping your bees in the hive for a period of time.Loss of habitat is mainly due to the loss of hedgerows, changing land use to monoculture crops and the use of weed killers which reduces the amount of flowering plants growing in the crops and verges. These are areas where beekeepers tend to be very active in lobbying against, not only for the benefit of honey bees but for all pollinators.

Hygiene and disease is a separate subject that requires knowledge that will be gained in time through reading literature and experience. You will always find that associations and mentors will help on this matter. Usually you will find a routine as you progress with beekeeping and it will become a regular part of your hive management protocol.

The support from DAERA Bee Health Inspectors and the resources on Bee Base are recommended to all beekeepers in Northern Ireland.

DAERA Bee Health Inspectors (NI)

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