Dear All,

Spring has now officially started and on a mild day you can see the honey bees return to their usual activities.

At this time of year they are basically bringing in pollen for the young, a little nectar  and water  to dilute winter stores to provide energy and space for the queen bee to lay.

As you watch and look after them please stay safe during this COVID-19 crises with its unprecedented threat to our health:

Please wash hands as recommended and use disposable gloves when shopping and fuelling your car, socially isolate and do all you can to stay safe and keep others safe.

We hope your hive winter losses will be few and wish you well in the difficult weeks and months ahead.

If you need help with your bees, please let us know, so we can support one another through this difficult time. There’s a beekeeper in your vicinity to give a hand. We can help you find him/her.

Kind regards and keep safe,

Christina Bradley and Hugh Holmes

(INIB Committee)